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Are you a contractor looking for a tool to help you earn more money than ever before? Look no further than biddi. biddi is a powerful resource developed by industry professionals, designed to ensure financial success for construction companies, regardless of location or economic climate. Created by contractors, for contractors, biddi is a tool you can trust for guaranteed profitability.
For far too long, we watched contractors underachieve and not take full advantage of all of their money-making opportunities. We decided that enough was enough and did something to fix that problem. With its many incredible features, the biddi app can help contractors make the most out of (and from) every job they take on.

biddi features

biddi's features are all designed with one purpose in mind: making contractors more money. We go above and beyond any other estimating software to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Thanks to all of the biddi app's incredible features, contractors can finally be paid everything they're worth.
It provides instant feedback as you write up your bid, showing you to the penny what estimated profit you should be expecting on your
next job.
Never guess again when your crews should be finished with each project. biddi gives instant timelines based on your crew size and work schedule for when your project should be completed to get the profit you bid for
Clean, professional bids in seconds through biddi’s proprietary platform.
Schedule yourself, all 3 of your teams or entire field offices with biddi’s Smart Scheduling software integration. See from a birds-eye view where your work will be at, and for how long, for the next week and months to come.
It has a CRM built-in to easily access and organize your clientele.
Easily push entire project scopes out to Foremen in the field with a click of a button. Provide a breakdown of all quantities of the project scope, with its applicable timeline, for your teams in the field.
Seamlessly push your accepted bids into the Estimates section of Quickbooks for ease in invoicing and bookkeeping.

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biddi truly is the best tool on the market for any contractor looking to make more money. With its array of features that help with every aspect of the bidding process, biddi makes the entire journey a breeze. For more information on the biddi app or any of its features, contact the team at biddi today and we'll answer any questions you may have.
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